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Juju Hat - Wall Hanging - 30 inches wide - Item 2 - Love Africa Decor & Gallery

Juju Hat - Wall Hanging - 30 inches wide - Item 2

$ 315.00
The Juju hat has been transformed into an impressive and dramatic wall hanging and has become very popular over the years in the world of modern interior decoration. 
Traditionally, Juju hats are from Cameroon, West Africa (below Nigeria) and they are a symbol of prosperity, possessing the beauty of birds and the fragility of life. They are typically worn by the royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief and royalty.
The head dress is made of natural / dyed chicken feathers which are stitched into a woven raffia support and can be unfolded into an amazing circular hat of a circumference of about 30 inches. When not in use, the head dress can be folded into a basket shape taking up very little space, with the feathers neatly protected. These head dresses come in a wide range of rich colors, depending on the inspiration of the craftsman.
Not all Colors are shown, so please inquire if you need a specific color

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