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Rock Art SC_ UK21

$ 200.00

This framed piece measures 9 by 13 inches

Sean Caulfield was born in England and moved to South Africa at an early age. He excelled in Art during his school years and his talent was recognized and encouraged by the late Christian Prosser, who later became his mentor and teacher. 

Sean formed the idea of compressing rock aggregates (stone granules) into resin and then casting rock molds taken directly from rock surfaces of the local mountains. These ‘rock’ surfaces become his canvasses and within this technique Sean has captured the delicate shapes, textures and colors of original ancient Rock Art

Sean has made an extensive study of Bushmen and Mayan paintings in their natural state. The Bushmen or San people of the Kalahari, Southern Africa are one of 14 known extant "ancestral population clusters" from which all known modern humans descend and the Mayan people are an ancient civilization originating from South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador). 

Sean’s immersion into these cultures has given Sean the confidence and the inspiration to faithfully reproduce many of the original paintings, in addition to his own stylized works in this medium. 

Sean has undertaken numerous commissions, including a portrait of Nelson Mandela which was presented to President Mandela in 1997.

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