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Bushmen Hunting Kit - Love Africa Decor & Gallery
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Bushmen Hunting Kit

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Authentic Hunting Kit made by the San / Bushmen Tribe of the Kalahari in Southern Africa. Collectors piece.

The San are one of 14 known extant "ancestral population clusters" from which all known modern humans descend

A set of tools almost identical to that used by the modern San and dating to 44,000 BCE was discovered in South Africa in 2012

This set includes Authentic and Hand Made Bow, Arrows, Quill and Fire Sticks.

The arrows are designed to separate from the arrow shaft when they strike prey as this prevents the arrow tip from becoming dislodged whilst the prey flees, thus allowing the poison in the arrow head to spread into the preys blood stream and incapacitate it. 

All natural materials include a flexible branch for the bow, animal sinew for the bow string, animal hide and sinews for the quiver, twigs for the fire sticks, thick grass stalks for the arrow shaft and hand made metal arrow tips that are secured to small wood shafts with sinew

Proceeds from this Sale go back to the San Tribe in Southern Africa

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