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Rock Sculpture - 'Cape Buffalo' - Love Africa Decor & Gallery
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Rock Sculpture - 'Cape Buffalo'

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This piece is made from Opal and measures 14 inches tall and 20 inches long.

African stone sculpture from Zimbabwe is often called Shona sculpture, named after the largest tribe in Zimbabwe engaged in sculpting.  In ancient times, stone was used extensively for building and for decorative purposes. The Great Zimbabwe settlement, now a World Heritage Site, is testimony to the skill and artistry of the ancestors of today’s sculptors.

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe recognized the Shona peoples’ affinity with stone and their innate creativity and they established a sculpture workshop at the Gallery and invited the participation of aspiring stone sculptors. There was no attempt to instruct. Those who were interested were simply given the tools and the stone. The sculptors learned from one another and taught one another.  This mentoring tradition continues today. Aspiring artists learn by watching the masters, by observing the stone and finally by picking up the tools and applying themselves to the stone.

This art movement attracts and continues to attract, sculptors from surrounding African counties and the world has recognized this new art movement. Shona sculpture first became popular in the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany and more recently other European countries, Australia and the United States.

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