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Handwoven Basket Orange 12 inch wide - Love Africa Decor & Gallery
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Handwoven Basket Orange 12 inch wide

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Tintsaba baskets are recognized as world class, transcending the traditional craft into gallery art. The master weavers patterns emerge from the creativity of the women themselves –finely hand spun sisal.

The baskets are woven from sisal, using a fine coiling technique. All steps of production are carried out by hand, including cleaning, dyeing and spinning the sisal. A time-consuming art, a 7 inch diameter basket takes 30 hours to weave.

Tintsaba centers on the use of sisal the creation of all its refined handmade items. The preparation of the raw material involves little water and no chemicals. The environmentally safe dyes and dye pots are specially designed to use wood fuel to its fullest potential and the wood used is waste from a sawmill using exotic timber. There is also a soak away to catch any minute bits of dye or vinegar that is used as a fixative.

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