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Vintage Makhonde Shetani (Devil) Carving - 2 - Love Africa Decor & Gallery

Vintage Makhonde Shetani (Devil) Carving - 2

$ 650.00 $ 1,800.00

Vintage Makhode Shetani Carving with two faces

VERY RARE & POWERFUL - Museum quality

Purchased 1970's from Tanzania / Mozambique (East Africa)

Ebony - Stands 20 inches high

The Makonde, a community living in southeastern Tanzania and northeast Mozambique, and known worldwide for their sculpting prowess.

The Shetani figures are seen as evil-doers, or evil spirits, and are related to the Shaitan, or Satan, and the concept of the Devil, and doing evil. They are believed to contain powerful energy, of a black magic variety, which can be directed, in a similar way to Voudon and witchcraft practices. 

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